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  • Schools I've attended, companies I've worked with, friends,
    and other unforgettable characters I've met in my travels...
Amy G Hot rollerskating uke chanteuse!
Bindlestiff Family Cirkus Now celebrating its thirteenth year of serving up their own unique brand of vaudeville circus
Cabaret Decadanse Magic! Puppets! Dance! Music!
Captain Frodo "The Incredible Rubberman"
Challengher Fabulous Christine's Williamsburg fashion house
Circus Amok New York's iconoclastic roving circus
Circus Center San Francisco School of Circus Arts (SFSCA) Professional performance company
and multidisciplinary circus arts school
Circus Contraption A San Francisco company that "presents circus arts in startling, unique ways"
Circus Oz Australian performance company and school
Circus Space British circus arts school
Circus Una Performance company. Specialty: motorcycle/trapeze thrill show!
Cirque Éloize International performace company from Canada
Corrugated Films Building solidarity and understanding between communities of action
David O'Mer Sexy Spiegeltent "Bath Boy"
Daredevil Opera Company Innovative Canadian circus/performance company
Ecole de Trapeze Volant French trapeze school
The English Gents A mind-boggling balancing act - paired with cheeky Brit humor
The Famous Spiegeltent Fabulous, mobile "kabaret salon"
Flee O'Brien Australian swing trapezist extraodinaire
GloveNotes by Feather A line of one-of-a-kind accessories by designer Feather (a.k.a. Tanya Gagné)
Great Small Works Power-to-the-People theater company in the vein of Bread & Puppet
Hula Hoop Wars "Wrestling meets circus meets science class"
ImaginAerial Modern NYC performance company (formerly Luminosity)
Jollyship the Whiz-Bang "Pyrate puppet rock opera consortium"
Julie Atlas Muz Dancer, performer - and Miss Exotic World 2006!
L'École Nationale de Cirque
National Circus School
Canadian national circus school in Montreal
LAVA Six-woman dance/theater/circus troupe
Mario Queen of the Circus Gifted and adorable solo circus performer
Mat Fraser Actor, musician, and self-proclaimed "super mutant"
Medium Rare An irreverent variety show of short films, cabaret, comedy, readings, opera, magic and live music
Michelle Matlock Solo performer and Circus Amok alum
Miss Behave One of the world's last living female swordswallowers in the World
Miss Dirty Martini The most bodacious Miss Exotic World ever!
Miss Saturn Jenny McGowan's high-octane circus star alter-ego
Murray Hill "The hardest working middle-aged man in show business" and hilarious host of many Trapeze Loft student shows
Nimble Arts Trapeze and circus school in Vermont
Ruby Rowat A.K.A. "Trapezista Ruby"
Ruby Streak Studio Natalie Agee's up & coming trapeze studio
Scotty the Blue Bunny Subversive and irresistable circus personality
Seana Gordon Rock-n-roll fashion designer (BFF!)
Seven Fingers Progressive circus troupe from Montreal
Team Spirit Animal Squad Zany, fun maniacrobatics!
Thistle Press Publisher of disappearing web 'zine, Melody Owen
Ursula Martinez London-based writer, performer and cult cabaret diva
Vic Thrill Frontman for Vic Thrill + The Saturn Missile
Wau-Wau Sisters Director Tanya Gagné's not-so-secret other life
Wise Fool Circus artist reps and community-based arts organization

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